Monday, October 15, 2007

Winning as an Underdog

Competing with the big boys is sometimes a nightmare. You may have the best products, but you don't have the money, or the resources to compete with them. You may be fighting those with a diamond necklace while you are working with a pearl necklace. You just have to find ways to get a head. This story about a father and son who are able to compete is something that may help...

Any company that's ever been an underdog knows how daunting and risky the position can be. That's especially true if you're going head-to-head with the likes of Kodak, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Yet Chris and Don MacAskill took on this challenge when they established SmugMug, a photo sharing and printing site that had to set itself apart from its big-name competition. While those other sites were offering sharing and storage services to users at no cost, SmugMug was planning to charge a subscription fee at a time when many other internet companies were falling apart. And nearly everyone thought they were crazy for doing so. full story