Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spring Training and the Chicago Cubs

After quite a disappointing playoff run the Cubs are looking to regroup this off season by adding some new talent to the squad. Already they have dealt away the OFer they got from the Detroit Tigers last year, Craig Monroe, who really just never got it together after being dealt to the Cubs. We are all still pretty upset about the way Manager Lou Pinella manged the pitching rotation in hthe playoffs and took Zambrano out of that first game so he could pitch later on in the series. You have to get there first Lou!

Anyways, I have already been looking at Spring Training tickets to the Cubs games since they are always in a place where I have relatives (Arizona) already and I like to take some time off to go catch some games. We like to head over and get some real live experience to the guys trying to make the team rather than having to rely on what reporters tell us and sift through possible BS that they write because they want to keep the club happy. We want to see for ourselves! Always a great experience. Kind of different from a regular season game as you really aren't going to see the "stars" play as they typically only play a couple of innings. What you are looking for is to see who is NEXT. Who is going to get this team over the top. That and maybe yell at Lou a bit and heckle him about the playoffs ;).