Friday, January 04, 2008

Appropriate Work Conversation

OK....I'll admit it. I always said whatever it was I wanted to and didn't take any time to censor myself at work. I'm not PC at all and I never plan to be. I'm just not the type of person that will go along and think everything is great at work just because I am told to, and I just don't care about the little silly things people at an office care about. I'm Peter from Office Space.

So I found it kind of interesting to read this article about what is "appropriate" to discuss at work. This one is more about Politics in the Workplace and the discussions that come up. Still things can get a bit crazy when it is. This is probably one thing I never did talk about because frankly, I wasn't at work to debate about things like religion, fibromyalgia, abortion, or anything else that people have a hard headed idea about. I'm just not going to argue with someone that has a moral view I don't have because I won't get anywhere. Anyways, sorry for that tangent. I've been around my family for 2 weeks which consists of many more women than men and I haven't had a chance to talk in that whole time. Take a look at the article on Politics in the Workplace here :P.