Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easy Business Card Creation and Logo Design

Got to take a look at a free business card creation tour today and had a pretty good time making one. If you want to try creating one check out this site and get ready for your logo design session.

The process is pretty simple. For a test and see way just go to that main page and take the tour. It will bring up a set of images you can choose from, then it asks you to put your business name and such on there. Then if you are more artsy than myself you can modify the look with the image tools they have. I got real fancy and cahnged the color of one of my words as you can see. Man, I'm talented. You can do much more than that. Then after that you can save your logo, and pick from dozens of business card layouts. You buy your logo and such and you are offered 100 free business cards at the end as well.