Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The New Rules of E-Branding

Brandng a product off-line is a totally different thing than branding your business online. You may not be able to successfully brand your business offline, but if you learn enough and get the right people online you can actually compete with many of the big players there if you know what you are doing. Can't get sales for your audio racks with offline branding? Try some of these tips to successfully do it online.

1. Know your purpose. Are you an internet brand or a brand on the internet? The two are mutually exclusive. If you plan to use the internet primarily as a marketing vehicle and you have a store in the "real world," then you're a brand on the internet. The majority of DIY website templates are made with you in mind. However if you plan to generate most of your sales from your website, you're an internet brand--and everything gets more complicated. You'll need to conduct global competitive research, determine SEO strategies, investigate advanced shopping cart functionality, and forge other e-paths, like affiliate programs and partnerships, to get visitors to your site. Click here for 5 more tips