Sunday, July 26, 2009

Want Some Respect From Your Employees?

It is rare that employees show any love to their almighty employer. At least they don't behind their backs. It is also not very common that they deserve the respect either. With the economy the way it is, and many employers beig able to find highly qualified employees at lower costs than the ones they already have, many employees are probably not real excited about their prospects and need to dip into their stash of anti-wrinkle cream to keep from growing old at a chatostrophic rate.

IT is time to take some action and not forget about the basics in these economic conditions. The stress may be high, but slacking off and hiding in a corner doesn't help your business, or anyone else.

Here are 5 Tips to gain respect from your team and boost your bottom line. Like I said...employees are pretty scared right now, and if you value them you may want to take a look.