Saturday, October 03, 2009

Employer Vs. Employee Health Care Debate

Health Care is arguably the biggest current issue in America right now. It is certainly dominating the headlines in regards to current policy. The debate for universal health care, and socialized medicine is for anothe rtime though. Most people rarely look at helath care from the perspective of employer vs. employee and the responsibilities of each side, or more importantly the deamnds that each side put on the other.

Tha tsi why I always am interested when I see a sort of health care debate pop up in anarticle fromt his persepective. An employee and an HR exec sparring over the cost of health care coverage.

It is an interesting read from both sides of the aisle. Detailing some of the major concrerns of an average employee, and then the compnay line about the cost that they endure. The example is taken in a case where they actually switch coverages at the compnay and the employee feels that they were slighted, which I'm sure is very common in today's environment. Causing patients to seek deals on things like new weight loss pills instead of going to the doctor for the same problems.