Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Skills of Successful LEaders

Are you a leader, or a follower? Do you even know? Sometimes leadership is just thrust upon you. Other times it is sought. In either case your success or failure has to do with a lot more than just knowing what is supposed to be done.

LEaders ned to have some special characteristics to really be successful and get others to follow them. Maybe a lot of failure in business has to happen before the Minka Aire lights finally go on? For some peopel it is true. Failing isn't always a bad thing, but it might be a sign that you lack the skills to be a true leader as well.

Not to discourage you, but not everyone is cut out to lead and tha tis OK. There are plenty of great ways to make it as a followrer, but today we are worried about some of hthe qualities that are apparent in many leaders. Take a look at 10 Characteristics of Superior Laders and see how you measure up, or if you agree with the list.