Saturday, September 11, 2010

5 Best Small Businesses To Work For 2010

When most people think about who they are going to work for they typically think of corporations in a big steel building. Big corporations are well known, and usually have the resources to offer employees a lot more monetarily, as well as other financial perks like insurance and retirements plans. Small companies tend to treat employees a little better than most would think, however.

Working for a smaller company is a bit more like a family. If they aren't too big you probably know everyone that works there, and you may even have face time with the owners on occasion. These environments almost always feel like more of a team since your work is very important to the success of this business.

So what makes a small business a great place to work for? Take a look at Entrepreneur's top 5 small companies to work for and see what they all do to make their employees love them.