Friday, February 04, 2011

Annual Super Bowl Ads LEssons

The Super Bowl. The championship game of the National Football League is one of the biggest events of the year, if not the biggest in all of sports (Apologies to the World Cup. Not in America.). Not only is the game huge, everything surrounding it is a circus as well.

Obviously, one of the most talked about things the Monday morning after the game besides the game itself are the Super Bowl ads. Many people actually watch the game for these ads alone. They certainly area huge platform for any business and can make a company a household name overnight. You want people to know about your brake rotors? The Super Bowl is probably the biggest stage of any.

What is there to learn from this whole fiasco? What is it that these commercials do so well, or so poorly that you should take notice? Whether it's a new jingle, laugh-out-loud humor or shock value, some of the most powerful brands invest millions of dollars each winter to get their marketing messages in front of consumers during the most important NFL game of the year -- the Super Bowl. Hands down, the big football championship is by far the most-watched single-telecast in the U.S. each year. more