Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Multimillion-Dollar Domain Name Sales

If you have ever purchased a website domain name you know that sometimes it is kind of difficult to find that one you are looking for. There are so many already owned by others that many times that one perfect domain name you thought was going to be the one for your business ended up not being available. You probably settles on something else, but there are those that certainly did not, and they paid millions for it.

Everyone thinks of buying that big money domain name, but those days are mostly behind us. Some of the highest priced domain names are exactly what you would think they were. Business.com sold for $7.5 million, Porn.com sold for $9.5 Million, and Sex.com sold for a staggering $13 million! You can't buy gold online like that anymore. You probably have to just get really lucky now and find something that becomes huge later on.

Entrepreneur.com wrote an article about all the top selling domain names. The Business.com one that sold for $7.5 million and the business that used it actually sold for $350 Million from RH Donnelly. Take a look at some of the highest.