Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Management and the Serial Entrepreneur

These days it is more and more likely that entrepreneurs like yourself have their hands in more than one pot. Personally, I do a lot of things to make money now and finding a balance of getting them done on time, or spending time on my personal addictions like finishing the books in my ebook readers to be a bit overwhelming at times. I may not have to run 10 businesses, but I do spend an awful lot of time working for and with a number of different companies and do a lot of independent contractor work which must be organized to get it all done.

As an entrepreneur, or an independent contractor you are free to work on things at your own discretion most of the time. You may have deadlines, but typically your schedule can be resolved on your own and you must make sure you have the time to get every contract done, or every assignment in on time.

So...when you find some helpful tips on managing your time from other entrepreneurs it can only help you find more time for yourself probably right? Here are 5 serial entrepreneurs that are offering tips on managing your time and your life.