Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Baseball Books For Leisure

Baseball is a very unique sport. The history that revolves around it is just so rich that it really transcends the game itself. If you have ever had the pleasure of watching the fabulous documentary by Ken Burns, simply titled "Baseball", you know just how much baseball plays a role in U.S. Society. I could talk about baseball all day really, but I won't bore you :). Books about baseball can actually be more than just entertaining. Surely you've heard of Moneyball which was a feature film with Brad Pitt in it in the last year. While not exactly brimming with entrepreneurial tactics, it does discuss a bit of the business side of the game. Making the most out of a little. Baseball has many analogies that carry over into aspects of business and the rest of our lives. books are surely on the level in this regard too. Here's 5...errr 4 baseball books worth checking out.