Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Twitter Profile Page Redesign and Branding Opportunities

One of our major marketing sources now are certainly the followers we have on Twitter. For many Twitter is a way of life, but for most like me we tend to use Twitter for something a little less social. I use Twitter mainly for sports news and follow all my guys to get fast and easy access to the most up to date news on all my sports teams, my fantasy football and baseball players, and there is nowhere else I can get that faster. That includes Google news I might add.

That doesn't mean I don't run into the random profile page either. The way Twitter is so goofy with their discussion threads I tend to have to jump to profile pages quite often just to find the rest of the discussion. With that in mind you may see some markeitng even by accident that will catch your eye.

With the new design there are even more profile branding opportunities. Check out these ideas on how to use them.