Saturday, December 08, 2012

Otterbox Commuter Cases for iPhone 5

While we all love our Apple handheld devices like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, we all know that it has one major issue. It doesn't like to be naked. The materials are so shiney and nice looking that you want to have it out there, but just putting one of them into a pocket with nothing else seems like it will scratch the surface. My iPod Touch has been inside a rubberized case since the day I got it. With a clear screen over the screen to keep it from scratching. Really it is a curse and a blessing that they look so shiny. It's just part of owning one. You have to protect it so it doesn't look like you are a child with no ability to take care of things.

While I got a plain black rubber case I have since looked for much more stylish designs. for the iPhone. Not much better than the Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 case. Colors and design look just as cool as going bare. Covers the screen and looks sleek as well.