Saturday, January 12, 2013

11-year Old Launches Social Network For Kids

Yup...time to feel like a loser. An 11-year-old launched a social network site for kids. What were you doing at 11? I was playing with my Nintendo and trying to figure out if I was going to be Barry Bonds, or Michael Jordan.

After being kicked off of Facebook for age restrictions twice, preteen Zach Marks decided to build his own social network for kids. When he was eleven he borrowed $2,500 from his older brother to help finance his endeavor and now at twelve, his site Grom Social off the ground. Are you kidding me? What kid that age understands that he needs a certain amount of money to run a website? Much less is able to make the website?

I really thnk it is awesome if it can stay clean. Kids need places like this to be kids and not have to deal with older nonsense all the time. Take a look at and see how cute it is. Help the little fella out too if you have a website and give him links to help him in the search engines!:P

The free social network is for kids aged 16 and under. Like other social networks you can use the site to connect and share with friends. In addition, it also includes lots of free content like video games, sports and entertainment news, and tips on how to stay healthy. It even includes tutors to help kids out with school and safety tips for kids who are staying home alone from school. Parents can get involved and create a parental account, available to people over the age of 16, to check up on their kids’ activity on the site.

Best of luck to the kid. These are the kinds of businesses you really hope do well don't you? At the very least I would love to see this kid get the opportunity to sell this website to a big company for a huge payoff before he even hits puberty. How awesome of a story would that be? HE could get some cheap business cards online that say "13-year-old Millionaire". :)