Tuesday, May 07, 2013

10 Best State to Live after Graduation for Entrepreneurs

Last time we talked about the best states to go for starting a business. This time we talk about the best states to live if yopu are just out of college and ready to work for yourself. Does it matter? For me I don't bvelieve it does that much, but this article claims there are definite advantages to living in their list of states for young entrepreneurs. Holding their torch lighter up to lead you into the perfect state for your burgeoning desire of being your own boss.

As many aspiring entrepreneurs gird for their college graduations, the idea of starting up, as well as starting a new life in perhaps a different city can be daunting.

As an entrepreneur, much goes into the question of where to live and set up shop. Among other things, you'll probably want to locate in a city that has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and a healthy stream of talented workers. But also, and perhaps just as important, are the other, softer factors involved. Will you have elbow room? Are the amenities you want available? Can you afford it?

What are the 10 best cities?