Monday, April 23, 2007

Increase Your Productivity

I sit here with my eyes half shut trying to think of what to write and it is taking too long. Instead of doing something about it I just sit here and think about what I am supposed to be doing and not really doing it. I'm tired, but I have to get it done. Still I pound away at it while I could be resting up and making this so much better. What can i do to increase my productivity right now?

I really don't have to sit here and keep contemplating what I want to write. I could just go take a power nap and then get a huge boost of energy so that I could be more productive. How to Power Nap at Work discusses the issue in depth and tells you not only why you should do it, but how you can implement it into your day. Working at home it is fairly easy for me to add to my day and just makes a lot of sense. I really should start to do this and I'll bet my time is spent much better everyday.