Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Advertising

I've always been a person who likes to work on their own. I'm not an employee type of individual so several months back i decided to jump into the online world to earn money. What I found was that there were a ton of website owners who were willing to pay me to advertise on blogs. That's when I found PayPerPost.

As a blogger for them I am doing very well. In fact I am making enough money doing paid blogging that I don't even need to have a "real" job. I can work when I want, and work int he comfort of my own home with out getting hassled by a manager, or anyone else for that matter when it comes to my income.

Advertisers are finding that PPP is a fantastic way to increase their Search Engine Ranks, increase their traffic, and just get their names out there at a reasonable price. It just makes more sense to use this type of advertising compared to many other sources. This advertising has longer term effects and brings traffic in from the search engines rather than just a one time shot with maybe a banner ad on another site.