Friday, February 22, 2008's Top 50 Entrepreneurial Colleges

That's quite a toungue twister isn't it? Entrepreneurial is a toungue twister iteself, especially after following the base for the word. Anyways, going back to college may seem like a long lost dream for most of us who have decided to give up on being an employee and go out into the world as entrepreneurs. Although you may have the passion to go out and be your own boss ther emay just be a few things you need to know. Ever consider just going to college to learn how to run your own business? They don't really teach you that in business school. They teach you how to be employable for the most part. How can you run a business selling Hilton Head rentals with out a background in entrepreurialship (now that is my toungue twister of the day)? lists the Top 50 Entrepreneuial colleges for you and talks about hwy you woudl want to jump on board with their programs. Great article and very educational.