Sunday, August 23, 2009

Managing the Small Business Life Cycle

There are so many aspects and cycles to running a small business that you may feel like you need to hit a drug rehab center by the time you have figured it all out. Every step along the way has different needs from the start up all the way to selling your business.

Looking around at the cycles of creating, running, and selling a small business I was interested in finding a one-stop place to help people read and understand what the most logical way is to go about each stage of a business. The Small Business Planner on the website is actually quite a bit better than I had expected.

The planner has in depth information about formation plans such as writing a business plan, finding financing, and even talks a bit about naming and registering your business. If you are already running a business the planner goes into detail on many aspects of operations that may be helpful as well. Managing employees, legal concerns, getting insurance, and forecasting sales.