Thursday, September 03, 2009

Business Marketing and Communication by "Brand Obama"

The general consensus by most is that President Obama ran one of, if not the most spectacular presidential campaign in modern history. His use of the media, and the internet gave him a huge leg up on his competition. With that in mind there have been several attempts at replicating just what made him so successful in this endeavor, as well as his transparency as the president.

The article Lessons From "Brand Obama" tries to pinpoint some of the more useful strategies used by the president in your own businesses.

While I always contend that most of marketing is rather common sense, it isn't to everyone. It still helps those to see ideas that may help them come up with some of their own strategies as well. The old become the ceramic tile expert for those writing articles about ceramic tile is mentioned, but the ongoing communication with the media, as well as those interested in your business through transparency may be helpful as well.