Saturday, October 24, 2009

Business Without the Brick and Mortar: Mobilizing Business

We live in an age where technology has advanced enough that many businesses can be run with out even haing a premises. Why have a phone system, secretary, and an office when a mobile phone itself can do most of that work for much less money?

Some just don't have the technical side to pull this off. Most of our parents were raised in a world with out the benefits of the computers we have now. They had trouble jsut setting the clock on the VCR (remeber those things?), and forget aabout setting up a DVR, or TiVO to record 2 programs at once while you watch something else. They just don't "get it" when it comes to tech.

Some do, but aren't eager to move on. Take Doug Sohn for instance, in the article discussing the gadgets to go mobile for business. He still work 50 hours a week in his shop, when he could cut that time down dramtically with the use of our new age tech.

The article lists 13 devices to help you and your business get mobile. From phones, to auto accessories, to software. Not only saving you time, but all the while making your business more productive. What are you waiting for?