Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Big Business of Halloween

Ever think to yourself when you pass one of those costume mega stores: "How the heck do they make any money if they are always open?" The funny thing, is if you are a bit like me, I actually don't really even pay attention to these stores except around Halloween so I didn't realize tha many of the mega-Halloween stores aren't actually open all year. Many have in recent years taken to opening a store on a 2-3 month lease. Starting in September, virtually disappearing a few days after Halloween.

These stores have figured out how to use the season to the most profitable, while keeping the costs of running the business a minimalistic approach by jsut being there when people actually need what they are selling.

Joe Purifico, CEO and co-owner of Halloween Adventure, a Philadelphia-based chain of 150 seasonal costume superstores and 15 permanent shops explains how it all works for him.

Not only is it a good Q&A about that aspect of Halloween, he explains why Halloween costumes have become such a big business as well. Many clubs have giveaways for best costume as a business gifts to draw in business. Adults tend to spend up to 3 times what their kids do on their costumes to go to parties.

If you look at the bottom of his Q&A there are some big numbers on all the Tricks and Treats of Halloween. Most notably the 2008 total of $5.77 billion spent on Halloween that includes costumes, candy, and Witch's Brew (booze).