Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Facebook Tops Google News For Advertising?

Recent research has suggested that users are more loyal to Facebook than they are to Google News. What that means is that if you want to advertise on the internet, the Ad giant Google Adwords may not be the best place to go anymore. Advertising on Facebook has become a great place to spend your advertising dollar.

Earlier this month the social networking site topped Google to win the title of most visited site in the U.S. Yes, that was just one week in March (for the record, the second week). But now the social networking site has added another medal to its haul: Facebook's news readers are more loyal than those of Google News, says research firm Hitwise.

This just shows that people want to do more than just read the news when they go online. Facebook offers a lot more of a one stop shop than Google news does for easy communication with other people, news, and probably even stuff like jenny craig reviews. Shocking that Google doesn't have their own launch of the next Facebook yet now that I think of it.