Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving Your Home Business Out of the House

If you are successful enough, and you are growing too fast, you will have to make a decision about moving your home business out of the house. Making the decision could be the biggest of your business life, and needs to be considered carefully.

Getting too big for your house has plenty of issues that may make the move prudent. Higher shipping costs as a residential area, felling like you live in a warehouse, and most importantly the inability to keep up with demand because you don't have a fast enough setup.

Doesn't matter how fancy all your tech is at the house with PDAs, computers, or manufacturing equipment, this stuff starts to get too big, and the storage becomes impossible to find. Sleeping on a mattress that is on top of boxes of inventory probably is a sign you need more room.

Here's a look at a candle manufacturer that found herself pretty cramped. It gives her story on how she made the leap, as well as some tips to get the move on yourself.