Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Evolution of Green in Business

"Green" business has been around for about 40 years officially. Right now it has become not just a niche, but a huge marketing need, and even a necessity to keep up with competitors.

The evolution of green into business has come a long ways. Back before 1970, factories actually dumped their waste legally into the water, and pumped toxic fumes into the air with no thought about it. Probably even got a bonus for doing it, or a some nice coach gifts for the skipper. April 22, 1970, when Senator Gaylord Nelson put out a call to Americans to start a grass-roots effort to protest the pollution generated by industry. That first Earth Day, some 20,000 people demonstrated in cities across the country. Six months later, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was founded to regulate business practices that harmed the environment.

While many regulations over the years have focused on pollution on a mass scale from factories, we have moved on to a bit of a different style of green. Conservation has become the new theme for most, while still being environmentally safe. This is good for consumers as well since we are more likely to want sustainability from our products. They last longer, and use less energy, which saves us more money.

So...take a look at how to get yourself on the right track by reading about how the green evolution ahs become standard business practice.