Friday, July 09, 2010

Making a Marketing Plan

For a lot of us business guys we see marketing as common sense most of the time. We are all pretty creative thinkers so we can think of neat ways to get some exposure and find ways to draw people in. Of course we sometimes just go about it completely the wrong way and don't formulate a direct plan. Instead trying things out that we "think" might work, but we haven't really given a lot of in depth thought.

Of course when you go into detail and formulate a marketing plan with all aspects of your business in mind things start to become a bit more clear and concise. Things just work better if you plan them out more. Doesn't matter if you are hawking prototype 37c, or you are a service company.

Here is a How-To Guide to Writing a Marketing Plan that should be a bit of help to become more organized in this area.