Friday, July 09, 2010

Selecting the Right Retirement Benefits For Your Business

While it may seem that there is a sea of options for retirement benefits for employees and your business there really aren't that many. Most of the time they are obvious as to what fits best for your type of business and how you want to run a retirement program for it. The major problem usually is the guy that comes in and tries to set you up with the wrong retirement package because, for lack of a better term, they are greedy.

You see, different retirement plans have different sorts of fees involved with them. The agent that runs your plan gets paid a bit differently depending on how it is set up. Either a large admin fee every year, or a little cut on the money being put in, or both. Some of these cost you a little more than others, and may not even be the best for your business. Any agent worth a damn knows he is going to make money on these plans anyways so if they aren't finding the most logical one for you they are dirt. You aren't looking for a bargain here by any means like you would for say cheap adipex, but you need to at least know your options. may do you a bit of good to at least familiarize yourself with the basics so you have a slight plan before going into the meeting with an advsior. Know the questions you want to ask, or the questions you want answered for the plan going in. Here's a good primer for different plans that will help you get rolling.