Monday, November 15, 2010

Do You Overthing Social Network Marketing? Some Easy Tips

Today I'm going to post a couple things on social networking. You know, sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. that we all love because they are free and we can reach millions of people for not much effort. Usually.

Sometimes we over think these mediums and spend too much time on them. These things aren't brain surgery to use, and many think way too long and hard about what they use them for, and how they go about it rather than spending time on something more important like the side effects of diet pills.

In the rush to gain subject matter credibility in the eyes of anyone who's paying attention, PR firms, advertising agencies, marketing organizations, application service providers, and consultants and consultancies in nearly every business vertical are all publishing reports, studies, white papers and more about social media-related marketing. But in nearly every case, they're either repeating what someone else has already said or, worse yet, they're wasting everyone's time by pointing out the obvious. more