Sunday, December 12, 2010

Entrepreneur's 32nd Annual Franchise 500

Entrepreneur magazine is one of the most read small business and entrepreneurial magazines in the U.S. With the internet they are one of the best websites out there on the subject. Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 is the world's first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking based on objective, quantifiable measures of success. There's no better place to start a franchise search.

Their top 10 this year is:

1. Hampton Hotels
2. ambm (gas stations)
3. McDonald's
4. 7-Eleven (surprising to me as most in my area have closed)
5. Supercuts (lean times, cheap
6. Day's Inn
7. Vanguard Cleaning Systems (Commercial cleaning)
8. Servpro (insurance disaster cleaning)
9. Subway
10. Denny's Restaurant

While none of these places will need much in the help of getting a website directory submission due to how big they are it is an interesting list at the top. Two cleaning companies. One for normal commercial cleaning and one for disaster such as fire in Servpro. 7-Eleven and Denny's are a bit of a surprise to me as both franchises have pretty much closed out in my area of West Michigan. 7-11 is almost completely gone. At least half of them are. Denny's has closed twice in my town only to re-open again recently.