Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finding a Mentor

You want to be Bill Gates? Well good luck. He claims his mentor is Warren Buffet. The two richest men in history together. Do you want a mentor, and how do you even go about finding one?

One thing I have always noticed is that I always have questions about something. That isn't just reserved for little kids. We always have something to learn and there is usually someone that knows a lot more about it than we do. It is only natural to seek out like minded people with more experience in the areas you are interested in for help. Of course finding someone willing to help you may be a completely different matter. It is a bit difficult to connect with someone on that level. IT takes dedication from both the mentor and you as well. Just because you both like arcona doesn't mean you are a great match. Your philosophies may not be in line. Your ethics off. Maybe you change yours because of them.

Well...I am no expert in finding a mentor, but I did read a pretty good article about such a task earlier today. Check out How to find a Business Mentor and let me know if it helps.