Saturday, February 20, 2010

Regulation and You: Drowning in Red Tape

Believe me when I say I know what it feels like to spend half the day filling out ridiculous forms, and doing it in a way that is incredibly inefficient. Yes, I used to work in the finance industry and the SEC was not a friend of technology. Paper, paper, and more paper were filling hundreds of file cabinets in my office. Every client had a phonebook sized file full of documents and forms that would kill 6 trees.

Every single day my partner and I would be insanely annoyed at the arcane way all these files had to be kept. It wasn't kept this way by our choice. We certainly would have loved to store our hundreds of clients on ONE little flash drive with 50 back ups on 50 other flash drives We could literally save 1000 square feet of space alone with our 50 flash drives of info. A nice 4 GB flash drive would be enough to last us until we retired, literally. IT would save us thousands of dollars a year, and thousands of hours of meaningless paperwork. Time that could be spent doing much more important things like expanding our business, or even as silly as looking through phosphacore reviews.

Fortunately many business owners have the option to "Let Someone Else Do it!" (Homer Simpson's campaign slogan for Sanitation Commissioner is brilliant). Here are some ways to get this done.