Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Best Startup Industries?

It's always good to look at trends. Even if you have a business you probably have the mind to follow trends don't you? I know a lot of us business owner types are always looking at how you could make money in various areas. Sometimes it draws us away from what we are currently doing and pushing us towards a completely different type of business. It's sort of a thing we can't control. Always thinking about how we can fill a need, and to think about how that need would make us money.

Trends are usually something we pay attention to. Not because we actually think we want to get into that particular market, but how we can make money on an offshoot of an exploding market. Yeah...we like to be in the exploding market too if it makes sense, but a lot of times we aren't in on the ground floor so we may just have to take the runoff. If the best wrinkle creams were the new hot thing we may not get into that business, but we may decide that we have the best new cream applicator ever and that we could make more money on that. Just an example. Here are the startup trends.