Tuesday, February 27, 2007

EditMe-Edit Your Web

A very interesting opportunity came up today that I'd like to share with you. This is about a company that was started by an internet developer from Boston named Matt Wiseley. His idea was to build the very first WSYIWIG (What You See IS What You Get) wiki solution. What is all that? Well wiki you can see from the link, but the concept behind the company called EditMe is that it allows you to create web pages with so much ease that just anyone with a computer can do it. Yup. Anyone. Everything is customizable from the browser and can be moved around with out having to type in a bunch of code to get the look you want. It allows you to have multiple users who can edit the content of a wiki, personal web site, company intranet, collaboration site, or even a blog.

The creators of Edit me just want people to realize that anyone can do this. Anyone can make a difference and create something from scratch with hard work and a bit of intelligence. He is now quitting his day job to run this company exclusively with a close friend. It was done with out investment capital and they never have to worry about turning it into a big money windfall for investors. They work it for themselves and for the customers. Check it out. The testimonials tell you all you really need to know.