Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why 'Me-Too' Startups Can Succeed

I have been reading a bit about what this article is talking about the last few days with a lot of interest. Mostly because I saw the idea that Wiki was going to be launching a search engine this year and that they spent a lot of time speaking on the idea that Google can't be on top forever. This article actually uses Google as the example of why "Me Too" start ups can actually succeed. It doesn't mean that every kind of start up like this will even if they have built the better mouse trap. It still takes a lot of effort to get the word out and to get people behind it and realize that they did indeed create a better version of what they are hoping to replace. Google did it and right now they own the search engine world in the eyes of most.

I'm interested to see what Wiki can accomplish in this regard as well. Of course this is all big business with big backers that are jumping in this arena. Wiki is already established as the People's Encyclopedia and if I'm not mistaken is in the top 20 most visited sites on the world wide web.

The view of the article you are about to read has this premise:

“Yes, there are competitors, but nobody has built a product yet that users really like…”

To me that is the thought process of every man that has ever wanted to improve upon an already existing idea.

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Why "Me Too" Startups Can Succeed