Saturday, March 03, 2007

Once again, Subway tops Franchise 500

Subway has been on top of this list now for fifteen years. This list is the best franchises around to own. I used to have a few clients that own Subway franchises and it is indeed an awesome business to own. I actually loooked into it myself as a possible business venture and found that it was a relatively easy set up. They have done an excellent job at brigning new sandwhiches and other products to the market. Their list of breads and sauces has grown a ton since they vaulted to the top of this list. I remember when all they had was white and wheat. Now I think they ave about 8 different breads you can get and I LOVE the Southwest sauce.

1. Subway
2. Dunkin' Donuts
3. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
4. 7-Eleven
5. The UPS Store/Mail Boxes Etc.
6. Domino's Pizza
7. Jiffy Lube
8. Sonic Drive In Restaurants
9. McDonald's
10. Papa John's

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