Monday, March 05, 2007

World's most expensive cities

These places make you feel like one poor bastard when you go there to vacation. Just the regular things you have to buy when you visit it seem like they are outrageous. Water, dinner, taxi rides, etc. The way the dollar is performing around the world doesn't make any of these places a real treat on the pocket book. Take a look at the most expensive cities in the world from CNN...

NEW YORK ( -- Dying to see Paris, London and other European cites? Better get there while you can still afford it.

According to the latest Worldwide Cost of Living survey released Monday by the Economist Group, European cities have taken over as the world's most expensive.

The top 10 most expensive world cities
Where the cost of living is highest.
City Nation Index (New York is 100)
Oslo Norway 134
Paris France 130
Copenhagen Denmark 126
London United Kingdom 125
Tokyo Japan 124
Osaka Japan 118
Reykjavic Iceland 118
Zurich Switzerland 118
Frankfurt Germany 116
Helsinki Finland 116

Source:The Economist GroupParis, Copenhagen and London have all joined Oslo - which retained the No. 1 slot it took last year - in surpassing Tokyo. read more...