Saturday, July 16, 2011 Changing How We Send Flowers

Flowers have been the gift of choice for decades. No matter if it is for a friend on a birthday, an apology to the wife, a sympathetic funeral gesture, or a get well soon bouquet. The way we send flowers to others has changed drastically over the years as well. Before the flower stores we had to grow our own and deliver them ourselves. Now we can do it online, over the phone, or stop by a florist directly and have them deliver the "surprise".

EZBloomers is looking at changing the way we all get our flowers. custom floral arrangements are sent to you at the best price possible, and with the best service possible. Their mission is to make sure that you get more value than any other florist out there and to give you great service that the floral brokers only dream of. Floral brokers may have bigger buildings, but they end up being much less connected to their customers. is there to help you get what you need, and not throw a bunch of service charges on top of your bill to make sure that you, and those you send flowers get the best possible experience.